V programming language

Fast, safe, compiled language created for developing Volt, soon available for everyone.

Open source release in mid 2019.
Install V from source in 0.5 seconds
wget vlang.io/v.c && gcc -o v v.c

Compilation speed benchmark

C5.2s gcc test.c
C++1m 25s g++ test.cpp
Zig10.1s zig build-exe test.zig
Nim45s nim c test.nim
RustStopped after 30 minutesrustc test.rs
SwiftStopped after 30 minutes swiftc test.swift
DSegfault after 6 minutes dmd test.d
V0.6s v test.v

I wrote a small program that generates 400 000 lines of code in several languages to benchmark their compilation speed.

update Turns out generating one function with 400k lines of code is a bad idea :) Go and D segfault, Java simply refuses to compile. I'll modify the test soon.

You can read the code of the generator here.

It's a bit silly, all it does is generate the following pair of statements 200 000 times:

a = 1 

a = 2 

I'm aware that in no way does this represent real code, but it can give a general picture, and all compilers face the same challenge.

Rust and Swift took too long to compile 400k lines, so I tried smaller numbers:

# linesRustSwift D
2k3.4s 0.8s
4k9.0s 1.0s
8k30.8s 2.3s
20k3m 52s 11.8s 4.7s
100k- 5m 57s segfault