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V programming language

Fast, safe, compiled language created for developing Volt, soon available for everyone.

open source release in mid 2019
fn main() {
	types := [ 'game', 'web', 'tools', 'GUI' ]
	for typ in types {
		println('Hello, $typ developers!')
Install V from source in 0.5 seconds
wget && gcc -o v v.c

Fast compilation

V compiles 1.5 million lines of code per second per CPU core
cd doom3/
wc -l doom3.v     # 458 713
time v doom3.v    # 0.5s


  • No globals
  • No null
  • Option types
  • Immutability by default
  • Partially pure functions
  • C/C++ translation

    V can translate your entire C/C++ project and offer you the safety, simplicity, and up to 200x compilation speed up.
    std::vector<std::string> s;
    s.push_back("V is ");
    std::cout << s.size(); 
    	s := []
    	s << 'V is '
    	s << 'awesome'
    Read about translating Doom & Doom 3, LevelDB, SQLite.

    400 KB compiler with zero dependencies *

    The entire V language and its standard library is less than 400 KB. You can build V in 0.3 seconds.

    For comparison:

    Space requiredBuild time
    Go525 MB1m 33s
    Rust30 GB18m
    gcc8 GB50m
    Clang15-20 GB25m
    Swift70 GB *90m
    V0.4 MB0.3s


  • As fast as C
  • Minimal amount of allocations
  • Built-in serialization without reflection
  • Hot code reloading

    Get your changes instantly without recompiling!

    Since you also don't have to waste time to get to the state you are working on after every compilation, this can save a lot of precious minutes of your development time.

    Native cross platform UI library

    Build native apps that look native. You no longer need to embed a browser to develop cross platform apps quickly.

    Run everywhere

    V can compile to (human readable) C, so you get the great platform support and optimization of gcc and Clang.


    Why create V when there are already so many languages? Why not use Go, Rust, C++, Python etc?

    Detailed comparison of V and other languages.

    Software built in V

    V language

    V itself is written in V.


    Native desktop client for Slack, Skype, Matrix, Telegram, Twitch and many more services.


    Cross platform file manager with Miller Columns and built-in selective sync with major cloud platforms.


    Open source editor with the performance of Sublime Text.

    C/C++ to V translator

    This complex tool supports the latest standard of notoriously complex C++ and allows full automatic conversion.

    V ui

    Cross platform widget toolkit using native APIs.

    Are you using V to build your product or library? Have it added to this list.