The V Programming Language

Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software
Install V from source in 0.5 seconds
wget && gcc -o v v.c

V's predeclared functions and types (including strings, arrays, maps)

Encoding and decoding of base64 as defined in RFC 4648
Hardware accelerated Graphics library using OpenGL (DirectX, Vulkan, Metal support soon)
OpenGL wrapper
Constants and helpers for drawing
Encoding and decoding of JSON as defined in RFC 7159
Basic constants and mathematical functions
Platform-independent interface to operating system functionality
Measuring and displaying time
Cross-platform UI library

This is a very early version of vlib. Many of the types and function signatures are going to change.

Generated with vdoc. Not sorted alphabetically yet.
fn (s array) slice(start, _end int) array
fn (s string) replace(rep, with string) string
fn (s string) to_i() int
fn (s string) split(delim string) []string
fn (s string) split_into_lines() []string
fn (s string) left(n int) string
fn (s string) right(n int) string
fn (s string) substr(start, end int) string
fn (s string) index(p string) int
fn (s string) last_index(p string) int
fn (s string) index_after(p string, start int) int
fn (s string) contains(p string) bool
fn (s string) starts_with(p string) bool
fn (s string) ends_with(p string) bool
fn (s string) to_lower() string
fn (s string) to_upper() string
fn (s string) trim_space() string
fn (s string) trim(c byte) string
fn (s mut []string) sort()
fn (s string) free()
fn (a[]string) join(del string) string
fn (s string) hash() int
fn exit(reason string)
fn isnil(v voidptr) bool

`isnil` returns true if an object is nil (only for C objects).

fn panic(s string)
fn println(s string)
fn eprintln(s string)
fn print(s string)
fn malloc(n int) byteptr
fn error(s string) Option
fn (m mut map) sort()